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ROS/Android hackathon

On January 16th, OSRF hosted a full-day hackathon on ROS/Android. We were very happy to have folks from Willow (Austin, Tully, and Chad) Yujin (Daniel, Jihoon, and Huey) and Google (Damon). From OSRF, Hugo, Stephen, Ian, Brian, Kazuto, and Morgan took part. And Ken stopped by (with Ninja, of course).

The day was a great success. There's really nothing like getting everybody in the same room for a day. We worked through a bunch of issues on workflow and build process, we ported some existing apps to the newest libraries, and we wrote some new apps. All of our work is available at github, in the rosjava and ros-android organizations. Please have a look and contribute if you can!

We were so busy during the day that we didn't get many pictures. Jihoon took the following two shots in the morning while we were planning the day: