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New OSRF Collaboration with Yujin Robot

We're pleased to announce a collaboration between OSRF and Yujin Robot. Our friends at Yujin have been long-time supporters of and contributors to ROS. In particular, they've been at the forefront of efforts to use ROS on Windows and in multi-robot environments. Daniel Stonier from Yujin presented on the state of ROS on Windows (slides) this year at ROSCon.

In the new Robotics in Concert project, funded by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Sam Park and his team at Yujin are leading an international team to develop tools to enable authoring, deployment, and management of multi-robot systems in production environments. OSRF's role in the project is to enhance and improve the ROS/Android toolchain to make it easy to build reliable "robot apps" that provide phone/tablet-based human interfaces. We're looking forward to collaborating on this project with Yujin and other robotics groups in Korea, and are expecting some great open source software to result.

And we're looking forward to playing with the sleek new KobukiBots: